2020 Year in Review, and What’s Next for America

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2020 has been a significantly difficult year for many people marked with severe economic losses and more importantly, the loss of many of our loved ones.  Our country is experiencing changes never seen before, mainly because of the COVID-19 Pandemic.  In the political arena especially, we have witnessed a historical, high turnout election that saw the highest voter turnout in American history.  In President-Elect Joseph R. Biden, we are likely to see many more changes to the government’s policies.

Joe Biden’s presidency will be noticeably different than that of President Donald Trump’s.  For starters, the new government will likely return to Obama-era policies.  Although President Obama was notoriously known as the “Deporter-in-Chief,” President-elect Biden has promised to halt deportations in the first 100 days in office.  Additionally, his government has pledged leniency for those involved in ‘collateral arrests’ – where ICE officials take undocumented immigrants into custody when they were not the primary target of ICE’s operation.

DACA-recipients are likely to find a friend, rather than a foe, in President-elect Joe Biden’s administration.  The President-elect’s government has signalled strong support for granting a pathway to citizenship to those that were brought into the country as children.  However, without an act from Congress, DACA-recipients will be stuck in a legal limbo for some more time.  Still, most immigration attorneys would recommend that those who qualify for DACA should take advantage of applying to the program.

On top of these issues set in motion by the Trump administration, the Biden administration is likely to overturn several of the executive orders issued by President Trump, including new requirements for green cards and asylum restrictions at the US southern border, requiring non-Mexican migrants to wait in Mexico throughout their asylum cases.

The Biden Administration undoubtedly has a lot of work on its hands and many of these immigration policy changes that were started through the Trump administration were the work of the president through his executive powers.  Those can easily be overturned with the stroke of a pen coming from the Oval Office.

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